I am the top real estate agent in Hamptons, NY and I help you and families like yours to find their ideal home, sell their home at ideal rates with the market, or establish useful concierge services. I’m committed to helping people moving into or out of Hamptons navigate the real estate experience with ease. I don’t only want you to get the results you’re looking for. I want to be able to help you have an enjoyable real estate experience and I don’t rest until you’re happy.

Home Buying

Without a lot of market knowledge, buying homes in Hamptons, NY can feel like a very daunting venture for anyone not experienced. I have over two decades of personal experience with Hamptons, NY as a resident and by serving the community. This means that I’m highly versed in the community and can help you to not only find ideal homes (based on criteria, preferences and desires), but can also help you determine whether or not the asking price is appropriate, a great deal, or over priced.

Home Selling

Selling your home can traditionally take a long time. When working with me, I make it my goal to help you establish the best rate that meets your personal needs, is appropriate for the value of your home, and looks appealing to home buyers on the market.

With many years of experience in my background and as a community leader, I know the real estate market better than any other realtor. I know what rates work well and understand how market values fluctuate over time.

Concierge Services

Working with local vendors and service providers in Hamptons, NY, I can help you establish unique concierge services and connections with others to make your real estate experience even more pleasant. I can help you better understand the real estate process so that you can feel more at ease with buying or selling your home in Hamptons.

From connecting you with other financial providers and institutions, to free e-Books, to social media and more, concierge services are available to make your real estate experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

My real estate services are comprehensive enough to help you with virtually any real estate challenge you’re facing or goal you wish to accomplish. Give me a call today if you live in Hamptons, NY or surrounding areas. Tell me about what you need done and I’ll help you set up a plan while helping you through every step of the way.